Who are Qualitas Paving

Qualitas Paving is a small family run business. For the last 28 years we, well I (Scott), worked in the construction industry. I was then joined by my younger brother (Craig) when he was 17, some 20 or so years ago. Since then we soon made a reputation for ourselves, no-nonsense, hard-working, exceptional quality and efficiency. (Oh, and  funny!)🤣 A few years later we were joined by Danny. 10 years after that Callum joined the team, followed by Joe 6 years ago. 


We predominantly subcontracted work from main contractors, mainly in the paving and highway sector, but occasionally we would be paving housing sites, etc... 


Over this period we have become vastly experienced and working together for such a long period has made us highly efficient. As such, we developed a firm customer base and carried out a lot of large scale paving jobs, several of which would be considered prestigious projects.


Over the last 2 years, we have started to change direction. Prioritising private work over industrial work. We've always had a long list of people that wanted us to do their drive/patio etc... and we would just fit it in when we had the chance, some would wait for months. Recently we have carried out more and more private/domestic work, which collectively we find more fulfilling. Hence, Qualitas Paving.


It is our aim to achieve the same level of reputation in the domestic sector as we have gained in the commercial sector. We will achieve this by completing projects to a high standard, in a timely manner and at a competitive price. That's our promise to you!