Are You hiding a hidden gem under all that weed and moss?

Using industrial cleaning equipment and techniques, it may be possible to transform your old Drive/Patio at a fraction of the cost of a newly installed one.

The process is quite simple, following an inspection by one of our team. We will be able to advise on the extent of the works to transform your tired/old paved area into one that looks like new.

Kath's Drive
Prssure wash

We can clean your paving bringing it back to somewhere near its original state, removing all dirt, moss, weeds etc... This process, however, can and will remove some of the joints of the paving. These will have to be repaired/replaced. This will involve re-sanding block paving or repointing a patio.

jointing block

In addition, your project may also require an element of repair. Lift and relay part or all of the paving, relay or reset any edging restraint etc.

Finally, if required (optional). Coating the paved area with a high-quality sealant to protect your paving for years to come.