Patios & Paths

An ideal area to relax or entertain guests .

Patios & Paths come in all colours, shapes and sizes. From a basic square flagged area to a multi-level, irregular shape with multiple surfaces and often with the inclusion of raised planters and steps. Irrespective of shape and size, they all fundamentally have the same purpose. Providing a hard and level utility surface in gardens. 

As with a drive, it's equally important to have a suitable foundation for all patios and paths, to assure its longevity. These foundations will vary vastly, based on usage and the materials used for the finishing surface. This could range from standard subbase and sand screed for conventional flags, smooth concrete for ceramic and porcelain tiles to a timber/composite frame for decking. As with all paved areas, we will provide a guarantee with all our paving installations.


Granite Patio

We can provide a vast array of options for your new patio/path. Ranging from, standard flags, natural stone, setts, blocks, porcelain/ceramic tiles, decking timber/composite or a combination of materials. Regardless of budget, we are confident we will be able to accommodate your needs. 

Get in touch and we will happily advise and arrange a free no-obligation quote.